IN Capital strives to become the leading healthcare investment firm in China
Investment Manager

Jacky Cheng Join  IN CAPITAL in 2020, focus on medical device,include high-value medical supplies of Cardiovascular system,Orthopedics system and Ophthalmologic system, medical supplies of microinvasive surgery system and IVD. 

Before join IN CAPITAL,Jacky Cheng worked as Investment manager in Jiangsu Tenyall&Sumin Healthcare Capital and Ch-gemstone Capital,also focus on medical device.Earlier, Jacky Cheng worked as Product Specialist in JOHNSON & JOHNSON.Jacky Cheng has 3 years experience in basic scientific research, more than 1 years Experience in medical device sales,and more than 2 years Investment experience.

Jacky Cheng holds a bachelor's degree of National Education Base of Life Science and Technology from HuaZhong Agricultural University,and a master's degree of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Peking Union Medical College.

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